Life is a marathon! Do not burn yourself out!

Imagine your life as a marathon.

Life a long road full of surprises among them, good and less positive ones. Whatever your project is, there is a great chance that you will try and fail at numerous time. Look at every champions, great entrepreneurs, they all knew rejection and failures.

What makes the difference? Resilience, be so sure about your objective that you will get up and try again!

Consistency is key! How to find the positive even in failing?

  • Take a bit of time to assess your decisions and actions to know where to get better.
  • Remind yourself. You did not fail, your project did. This is not about who you are deeply but only what has been done.
  • Keep on trying and for sure you will succeed!


Once, I have myself been told that I had to switch my thinking process. Stop racing for a 100 m run and take life as a marathon. I have also worked on myself and realised that my failure made who I was. Often, we think that others put barriers but we are often our own obstacles to go forward

Believe in yourself is key to succeed. If you believe in you, who can stop you?

Take the first step, the others will simply feel easier 🙂





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