The magical power of working out

You will see your entire mindset change. You will realise what you are really capable of.

We hear a lot that working out is important to stay healthy, releasing stress, have a nice silhouette… But there is more into it!

                    Yes I know, we are all starting for those kind of body 🙂
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Actually, with time, a fitness journey brings far more than that. Your sportive journey might lead to rediscover who you are and what you are deeply capable of.


  • You will progress with time. Each workout session will ask you to dig deeper and reach the next level.
  • You will see progress and will want to achieve even more
  • You will apply this new mindset your daily life. After all, if you can achieve more working out , why not try in your life?

3 rules to apply

  • Plan and prepare yourself at best you can. Consistency is key
  • Perform to the best of your abilities
  • Learn from the process. If the end result is positive, than look back at what you could have done better. If the end result is negative, than look at what you have done and be proud. If you have the opportunity, try again 😉


Slowly, you will apply your new mindset to your daily life. Like a let’s try and see. You will learn from the experience.

Sometimes this is simply about timing! What have not worked for you might work in a future time. This releases the pressure of having instant results.

My Journey

I have started to workout more in 2014. I have been running and then working out at the gym. Then in 2015 I started fitness programs (BBG from Kayla Itsines) and then a weight training program from a french coach. At the time, I wanted to get toned and fit for my wedding. In 2016, I have decided to run more and then challenged myself for a marathon.

Why not? Running and fitness have been my beginning though the « what not » journey. Pushing myself through workout and practice make your mind go beyond you thought I were capable of. Yes, I get scared sometimes, I might tell myself  that I won’t make it, I have to quit. However, I train day and after day and see the difference.

In my professional life, it helped me to gain self confidence and trust my abilities.

Please share your story with me here, comment 😉





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