It does not have to be perfect!

This motto has become mine this last few month. With time you get better. That is true for everything: cuisine, sport, art, learning. Anything you wished to start but have not yet because you thought it was not perfect

In reality, if you do not start, then you won’t improve!

Jump yourself into your dream and dare to try. You have nothing to lose, you will earn so much!

The truth Is that, fears are in control. In most projects, continuous improvement will happen. Consistency is key, that’s all.

How has this changed for me?

  1. It has started with running. I have dreamt about running a marathon for a long time but I did not make it a goal until 2016.

I created an Instagram account in 2015 and I realised that “normal people” succeeded!

How?  Training!

From that point, my thinking changed towards “why not?”.

And I started training for that, running more and see how I was improving.

Then came writing. Again, social media. I was reading more and more articles on how to get active and grow your network via LinkedIn and I read people’

Embrace the journey! You will learn and improve along the way 😉

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