Healing Power. Are we really able to heal from a drama?

Healing Power. Are we really able to heal from a drama?

I have been thinking about this question for some weeks now, after a good friend of mine told me about his life earthquake.

We often hear that time will heal any kind of trauma? Does it? Really?

Are we really getting back to our old self or are we building a new self?

I have been confronted to that reflection for the last three years. I, now, consider, I am not exactly the same, not so different but definitely changed forever.

Life trauma will force anyone to reflect and choose a new roadmap. We bear the scars and that is not always negative. However, the way will look at things will change. We might not care about things we cared about before and be sensitive to others that we used to be more distant before.

I would really like to have your point of view on that questions.

What do you think?

lease share it.

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  1. Je suis d’accord… ce qui ne nous tue pas nous rend plus fort : pas vraiment non, cela nous change, parfois en mieux, mais pas forcément. Comme tu le sais, il faut parfois malheureusement vivre des drames ou des situations sans retour possible pour estimer la valeur de ce que l’on a perdu…. la vie n’est pas juste… ça non plus ça ne rend pas plus fort… mais ça permet aussi d’estimer la valeur de ceux qui sont toujours là… Ses vrais amis par exemple… 😉
    Merci Leslie pour cet article

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    1. Tout à fait d’accord. On se rend souvent compte tard de ce que l’on avait. Apprécier chaque instant comme si c’était le dernier …
      Merci! Les vrais amis sont la pour ça! 😉


  2. Tragic experience changes us, how could it not? When we live through life events that hurt us so deeply, how can we be the same? The pain doesn’t really ever go away. Maybe we think about it less as life moves on, but the experience is still there. It’s not all negative. Maybe we help others to cope with a similar situation or maybe we are better prepared if we have to face a tragedy again.

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