Lock up your memories for later!

I have read this text from a friend and loved the concept. So I wanted to share it here

Written by Smee.

To deal with a struggle, remember the calm, remember how you’ve managed, but also remember your strengths. Remember what’s good and your involvement. It’s a skill that will take you far in all things, at least, it has for me!

I have a mental bank in my mind, where I store a reserve of compliments I’ve been paid in my life.

I remember many of them word for word & remember the context around them. At any moment, given a minute, I can recall a compliment; in an instant it gives me a boost, reminds me of my strengths & of my positive impacts.It’s very empowering.

Given more time, I can play out the entire situation as a memory in my mind, like watching a flashback in a sitcom, it’s both wonderfully distracting and even more empowering.


Those compliments; those strengths, are applied to what I do and how I do it. They remind me of great things and always make me feel better. Many people do the same with embarrassing stories that make them cringe or very negative things that they playback again and again, which is folly, as it has the opposite effect; it instils doubt and anxiety!

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