Talk to yourself as a friend!

Would you have been the same words towards a really good friend?

How would you advise a friend telling you he/ she is not good enough, he/she cannot do it? You would be nice and convince him that this could not be further from the truth. I would list her/ his qualities and strengths. Wouldn’t you?

The reality is just trickier. Be ambitious and challenge yourself is definitely healthy.  We learn by doing and facing what is scary and new things. This might become unhealthy when you became never satisfied or too much in a rush to wait for the necessary time to really achieve the end goal.

It took me until nowadays to realise how hard I was on myself. Instead of helping me, I created situations where I let myself getting scared, anxious because it is never good enough, I was never enough.

How am I with my own friends? I am trying to understand them and I would put the situation into perspective and be reassuring

I am finding difficult to hear self-harm from someone I care about? So why do I do that to my own self???

My own resolutions for 2018:

  1. Think about the situation and why am I being negative?
  2. Find other situation where I was successful and remember them for comfort.
  3. Realise when I need more action or simply relax and breathe.

Do you recognise yourself to some extend? What are your tricks?


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