How I influence people in real life.

“You can instantly change the atmosphere in a room!” The first time I heard this phrase, I actually did not pay attention then I heard it again and by 2 other persons. So 3 people with completely different backgrounds saw the same thing. I stopped and thought. But is it actually true?

I trusted and still trust these people so I knew I had to understand what they meant and I started to analyse my own behaviour and how my reactions and words were perceived around me. I clearly was having an impact on other without appreciating it.

Surprising? Yes I never acknowledged the extend of the “power” I had. I wrongly thought that everyone had the same effect but they do not.

So then, I got scared, yes I was scared and I still am very conscious about it nowadays. Why? This ability to impact people energy comes with a responsibility that I was not sure to accept them

At the end, do I have a choice, this is who I am!

Even if I try I would not be able to change. So instead of fighting it I would have to work and live with and do the best I can.

The question becomes: How do I want to influence others?

I wish to influence by example, positivism and good vibes. I have received feedback on a professional level as a manager that my quality was listening to others whatever their background. I do value ideas and I love brainstorming. I believe in the power of sharing. The experience of people in one room will enrich the angle of an idea and draw future actions

I want to inspire people in the he same way I have been inspired by people who took a risk and follow their dreams and those are not only famous people or influencers but real people in my life with different journey and life path: Friends, colleagues, family member. I want to share my inspirations in general whatever the domain.

Fitness and Running.

Everything started with running. My marathon experience opened new opportunities and built self-confidence. Fitness and running are now part of my life routine.

Travel. I love to travel, discover other culture. And I am very happy I can do so

Inspirations: Food, books, movies…

I am lucky to being able to do that in 2 different languages.

On a daily basis, I need to choose positivism and hope. This is how you really influence people around you.

Does that mean that you have to do exactly like me? Absolutely not! Only if by my writing I ignite someone to pursue his/her own dream I would be more than happy.

How would you use your power of influence?

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  1. I believe we all possess energy, some positive, others negative energy. However we all have the potential to chose which one to align with. The more positive you are and feel, the more you will align and emit positivity around you, which in turn will attract what is alike. You are a blessing to many and influence them in ways you cannot imagine. Keep shinning. 😘

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