FairAfric: Outstanding chocolate & Social Impact

« Be the change you want to see in the world »

Mahatma Ghandhi




Discoveries might happen when you least expect them.

Usual Sunday night movie time turned into watching a documentary on Arte about chocolate Impact on African countries’ economy.

I have to be completely honest here, I clicked just in the sake of my love of chocolate… But after all, this made me discover FairAfric.

All begins with Hendrik’s  will to create a factory to produce chocolate directly in the cacao is cultivated in Ghana. Producing there is allowing the creation of jobs and transmission of savoir faire and generate more revenue for this country.

The subject of this documentary is about the production of the chocolates directly in the cocoa producing countries as Ghana conducted by FairAfric, a german company

I am not sure yet why but nonetheless, I was intrigued and I decided to learn more and test the chocolate. Why not mix my love for chocolate and a good cause?

I was ready to pay more to support the initiative. However, the prices are not so high! I ordered 8 tablets for less than 24 euros + shipping cost. Not event that much more than those “fancy” bars from wellknown brands found in traditional retailers.

I was really looking forward to receive the package. Composed with a variety of dark chocolate bars from 60%, 70% and 80% cocoa concentration.

My best moment to enjoy a piece of chocolate? Actually I don’t only have one moment from  the after lunch as a desert or the evening guilty pleasure after an emotional day.


Here I had to go with a very special moment. My best choice was to pair it with a nice coffee. I choose the smooth chocolate bar 60%. In one second I was back in my childhood when for the afternoon snack you would have a piece of bread and chocolate. What a power!

It tasted mildly strong but with a sweet note which is nice for dark chocolate. The texture was crunchy at first but meltingly soft after that. This is clearly part of the best chocolate I have tried and eaten. And as a chocolate addict, I am very picky…


Let me say that I had really a harsh time stopping myself from eating the whole bars in one go.


Intrigued by my description? Have a go and try it!


You think that I am clearly not an expert to describe a food experience? Have a go and discover by yourself.


In the meantime, I have others bars in the cupboard waiting for me! 😉







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