Sport challenges you to dig deeper…

How exercising can help all of us trying and push further in our daily life?

You might have started sport or fitness for different raisons, however we have all been there. At some point this is becoming a part of a weekly/daily routine and you need your dose of endomorphine. You love progressing more and more. To achieve more, you need to try and do things you have never done before. You might prevent it but this is essential for different reasons: the feeling of fear and the belief that you are not ready or strong enough which is not true in many instances. This is where the will of reaching the next level will takeover and you will evolve.

Training and running my first marathon has been hard way beyond I expected it to be.


But now it has become something I really need. I love running! I really do and I am really happy doing it. It taught me to believe that I could and it still pushes me to dig deeper and challenge my fears. I am a nice phase of progress but still my mind has to allow my body to go for it.

An example? Intervals training? I am doing them on treadmill and for a long time 14km/h was the gayest I could go. Today my max is 16,5 km/h. To get there I had to reassure myself that I would not fall or my heart won’t break (yes true story). I tried and tried again and my body got used to it!

These lessons are something impacting my life in general. Why not try? It might take some time but if you do not try then you won’t know.

This will change the way you think, not only while working out but in your daily life. The perception on new experiences changes. I am able to do so much so what do I have to lose to try even more?  This is part of a healthy mind. Failing won’t be seen as such but only as a attempt on a possible outcome and then you’ll try an alternative way.

You’ll learn to trust  and know yourself better. There will be some moments when you will have to go for it and stop procrastinating and others when you will listen to yourself and it won’t be the day to push. This is a question of balance.

Have you experienced the same since working out? Not yet exercising? Try it, this is truly magical!!

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