Travel Story: Cuba

This destination has been on the list for some years. Cuba is a country that has been discussed and admired in France. That must be something about the Revolution… The story I heard about, is not so much about the History but more about the way of life. The Cubans were not able to access the same products so had to be ingenious, repair and learn.

I was not expecting anything in particular but just really excited to discover Cuba and Havana more precisely.

Cuba is to be seen by everyone. The story is to be told by both side of the world. The war between the US and Cuba is clearly still in everyone’s mind and this is also a great part of what the politicians want to show to the Tourists too.

This trip was a week long and cut into 2: Havana and Caya Coco

First part: Havana. I spent 4 days in Havana.

Havana and mythical American Car

There is something that I quite cannot describe. These magnificent buildings everywhere but in ruins and others financed by the UNESCO as part of world heritage renovated. There is a different vibe coming from that city. This feeling of being disconnected from the western world.

El Capitolio – National Capitol Building

First thing I did was a tour in one of this American cars, 2 hours discovering the city in a 63 years old car. May I say that it was quite magic. The city centre, the revolution place, Che Guevara’s House.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

While the town is transforming more and more. The propaganda is at the center. I enjoyed the moment fully, keeping in mind that we were shown the official side and “pretty” side of Havana.

Second part: Caya Coco

caya coco

Cayo Coco is an island in central Cuba and is part of a chain of islands called Jardines del Rey. This is known for all inclusive resorts. My husband and I decihided to mix our holiday with some city discovering and more relaxing and chilled moments.

We stayed at the Pullman Resort. Beautiful resort by the beach and nice swimming pool. We had an active stay with running, swimming, and for the first time a tennis lessons and a catamaran trip.


At the end resorts like Caya Coco is great as a chilled vacation but I would personally not travel all the way to Cuba and stay the whole time. I like to trips to discover different cultures. The hotel package was a all inclusive food and drinks. While I knew this, I was expecting quality from a this resort brand high end and it was not there really. That was the only downside.

I had in mind that people did not have much and found ways to make it work. The people we met and talked to seemed to live smiling. They did not share anything really about their lives.

I feel lucky to have come at this time when the country is opened to Tourism quite not entirely  not opened yet to the world but changing very quickly.

Let me know if you visited Cuba, when and what you thought of it 🙂

Thank you.

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